I sketch and paint live for special events any kind!

I paint live for special events any kind: conferences, meetings, conventions: every event becomes a show when portraits, sketches or fantastic projects quickly will take life through my hands and then in your eyes. Hire me now!

Ritratti in diretta
Florence University Of The Arts

The Live Painting Show is my project of live performances, in digital, projected on a big screen and designed specifically for meetings and events in style that want to offer an exclusive audience the exclusive emotion of a unique show: the magic of live artistic creation! Discover the ideal format among those already tested and imagine how much value could add to your relationship or your presentation.

1. The Live Portrait Painting

In digital painting I will paint the perfectly likeness portrait of participants or other guests at your choice. The performance will be live, I will paint on tablet or at easel, and will be projected on a big screen. It will take me no more than 10 minutes for each portrait if I have previously get photos (*). Portraits printed and signed will be gift to participants. Emotion of this event will remain forever in the memory of whoever persons!

Watch the Demo live on my portfolio
Minimum time of the performance. 2 hrs
(*)I Need photos of those present in advance on the event.
Recommended for conferences, meetings or events with at least 50 or more people. Video and computer installation request. Ask for Estimate!

2. The Live “Paint & Cut”

In traditional watercolor. A giant painting upon a long roll of canvas (the only limit the height of 160 cm) on which I will quickly paint a subject related to the event, figures or representation of the subject (a new product, a rendering, a new brand) that will then be divided and cut into dozens of portions as a puzzle. They will be many one-of-a-kind pieces “signed” and gift to participants who will testify their belonging to the project, extraordinarily “aggregating”.

Performance time min. 4 hrs
Watch the Demo on my portfolio
Recommended for inaugurations, presentations, exhibitions, conferences.
Location: necessary wall or support to support the table
No special accessory equipment is required.
Ask for Estimate!

3. The story-sketching

In digital painting. During this event, I will paint theme-based tablets depicting products, cities, symbols or characters commenting on a recited narrative or any actor or speaker’s report on the stage. Only by way of example: the slideshow on the shareholders’ meeting type or closing balance sheets but with an extraordinarily strong effect for the living presence of visual storytelling. Also suitable for poetic, theatrical readings and / or dynamic “live” scenographies, projected onto the wings of a stage.

Performance time: (There are no limits, it depends on the duration of storytelling.)
Readings, recitations, conventions or summits.
Watch my demo video
Halls, theaters, rooms equipped with backlit screens or projectors
At least one large monitor or screen + projector is required.
Ask for Estimate!

References and credits

At the end of each live painting I will be available to customers to sign all the possible dedications, autographs, photos that can be requested, and for all other participants special discount for my site “Portraits online” at with a discount code.

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