Massimo Alba’s online store

The new e-commerce designed for Massimo Alba is the horizon of art-communication. Unlike all others, it emphasizes the sign. It uses photography inside products catalog, but leaves to the imaginary suggested by charcoal and paintbrush strokes diluted with water the task of telling the fashion designer’s unmistakable style.

In my artworks I used paper, real brushes and the most “natural” digital tool in the world: Corel Painter’s Real Watercolor on Wacom Cintiq-Pro 24.

Mar 2018

Role: Illustrator artist

Client: Massimo Alba Cashmere

Views: 2214

Fashion illustration
Siamo tutti uguali nella nostra convinzione di essere diversi da chiunque altro.
Wardrobes are clothes house In my Stores there are wardrobes
Fashion illustration