My Dolce Vita

“My Dolce Vita” An Art Exhibition Hosted by Katie Rosenberg – Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018 @ 7pm. 215 E. 68th Street, NY, NY 10068

The exhibition My Dolce Vita by Andrea Mancini is all about the glamour and beauty Italy has to offer. Inspired by the renowned 1960 movie, La Dolce Vita by the Italian director Federico Fellini, Andrea Mancini vibrant watercolors are translations of those bustling moments of Roman life inebriated by the stylish women and men, Paparazzi, Vespas, and Cars, with have become Synonymous with Italian Style…

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Sep 2018

Role: Author

Client: FUA Florence University Of The Arts

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Dancing Anita, 2018. Watercolor, 50x35