My prophetic oil paintings

In art, one can speak of ” prophecies” ? Predictions by images or signs the history and future events of mankind? The way I want to give a personal contribution with an image from my archive . Whoever follows me will remember for some time the pictorial cycle of my ” Apocalypse ” presented by the Spanish gallery in 2008 which evoked in Ostuni, with visions inspired by the world of music, art and mythology , the revelation of the famous book of John through a dream or a vision. Here then ( photo 1 ) that one of my oil paintings on canvas returns a suggestive ” Piano ” that seems to have anticipated just a few years the other image (photo 2) which shows the bizarre appearance of a real piano under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, in a news media dubbed with the title ” Mystery Plan” , which I find absolutely extraordinary. To look good , my painting set in the abbey of San Galgano (Siena) and the photo reveals the architectural similarities with the famous bridge completely unexpected …

Andrea Mancini Apocalisse-II olio su tela cm 80x100

piano Brooklyn bridge

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