Have a nice rest with Bathers and Book Paintings by Andrea Mancini

Pillows of art, what a passion! The pillows signed 166arte with the artworks by Andrea Mancini at the same time expresses his love for the art and passion for originality. Among the furnishings, pillows are certainly those who can better express the personality of the homeowner. Soft, comfortable, just put them on a couch to give a touch of color to a living room or a studio and immediately make a more cozy corner of our house. Yet, often, this category is neglected: the choice narrows between cushions with coatings plain or with a simple imagination, without giving the possibility of varying shapes and fabrics to our liking. Pillows unusual and curious but always respecting a single motto: art and quality. Through the use of natural materials made ​​from original accurate machining, custom shapes and patterns by craftsmen chosen, ideal for any environment.


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