Book paintings

“Book paintings. Caskets or silent sentries of knowledge, which for centuries have been passed into the hands of mime …” Learn more… (Elisa Favilli 2012) Photo by © 2014 L’arte di Andrea Mancini. All rights reserved

Client: Private collectors

Art books, 2010, olio su tel...
01363 01364 Dittico dei libri, 2011, olio su tela cm 120x80
01351, Montagna di libri, 2011, olio su tela 70x100
1339, Libri sparsi, 2011, olio su tela 50x60
1192, Libri al tramonto, 2010, olio, cm 60x50
1175 Libri a pacchetti, 2010, olio, cm 50x60